IOT Designer Card Game

IOT Designer is a scalable and quick to play card game that aims to introduce IOT and make it accessible to all. At its most basic, IOT Designer looks at how we can make any product 'smart' by providing connectivity, additional abilities, and a power source to draw from. 

A unique use of a 'Client Persona' as the primary user of the product lends a design thinking twist to the game, as it brings a human centred consideration to the design.

IOT Designer also introduces the fundamentals of good design or problem solving, looking into:

Feasibility - is technically possible, can be realised into an actual product 

Viability - is potentially a product that people will buy and can afford 

Desirability - is wanted or is clearly meeting specific needs of a market

IOT Designer comes in a deck of 56 full colour printed cards consisting of:

  • 9 Product Cards
  • 9 Power Source Cards
  • 9 Connectivity Cards
  • 9 Sensor/Ability Cards
  • 8 Power Booster Cards
  • 12 Action Cards

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