Expedition Lionheart - Creative Writing Programme


Expedition Lionheart is a creative writing programme designed for participants of around 12 – 15 years of age, with learning plans that organically evolve with participants over time. Using an adventure-driven thematic programme structure, participants will be presented with weekly challenges that will interest, provoke, and inspire creative thinking and expressive communication, while requiring criticality and collaboration. 

The weekly learning experience consists of:

  • A Zoom group engagement session of 45 minutes
  • Classroom management via Edmodo
  • A take-home activity which will be described on Edmodo or in an e-mailed mission sheet
  • Access to facilitator via Edmodo or email

Team members will have until the next Zoom session to complete the Mission. Missions will require a creative writing task with a focus on at least one of the following learning outcomes;

  • Creative communication, both in writing and in figurative forms
  • Critical thinking, usually requiring independent research and opinion formation
  • Collaboration, a more complicated task that needs input or support from others to complete